Collaborations with

Ballet Akademiet v/ Iben Hutzelside a part of The Royal Danish Ballet in Denmark (advanced).

Black Box Dance Company, Holstebro Denmark (professional).

AarD Classes, Aarhus Denmark (intermedia/advanced).

What does AarD Class contain of ?

A typical contemporary dance class contains of a warmup, technical floorwork and standing excesises, crossing the floor laying as well as standing combinations, jumping, acrobatic technicq and dance combinations. The main focus is on you and having fun as well as we are learning and mastering the different technicalities

AarD Class provides intensive training periods for beginners, intermedia, advanced and professional dancers for all ages. The common interest is in contemporary dance and you have the curiosity to discover new things about the field within contemporary dance and most importantly about yourself. 


Main teacher: Simon Beyer-Pedersen (DK)

Guest teachers: Heli Pippingsköld (FIN), Liv Mikaela Sanz (DK),Linn Christine Ragnarsson (SE), Erik Nyberg (SE), Merete Smedegaard (DK), Mikaël Vivien Orozco Madsen (DK).  

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