Contemporary Summer Dance

Date: July 2015

AarDance is proud to present "Contemporary Summer Dance" 2015. The dancer's had the experiences of three different contemporary dance styles with tree different teachers from Finland and Denmark. The dancers performed at Amassaden, Aarhus the last day of the summer workshop.

Black Box Dance Company

Date: Febuary 2015

AarDance had a visit from Black Box Theater in Holstebro. 
Antoine Audras taught the dance students at AarD Class parts of “Rush” a choreography by Edhem Jesenkovic, which is one of the choreographies of their new programme “Push”

Master AarD Workshop

/with Erik Nyberg 

Date: Feburay 2015

AarDance is proud to present forma Danish Dance Theater dancer Erik Nyberg, in a Master AarD Workshop. 

Advanced dance workshop

in Oulu, Finland /with AarDance 

Date: July 2014

The workshop was specially created for the advanced contemporary dance students in Oulu, Finland. They learn some dance frases, from that they made a choreography from own inspiration.

Gerlev Højskole

Parkour perfromance team /with AarDance 

Date: May 2014

Dance workshop for the awesome “parkour performance team” at Gerlev Højskole, Denmark. We combined dance combinations with their parkour performance.

F16 Dance workshop

Frontløberne F16 /with AarDance 

Date: April 2014

The task was to make non dancers dance by giving them specific taks. What you see on the video is a small part of a bigger choreography that the students made by themselvs in collaboration with Simon Beyer-Pedersen.

Choreography workshop

Date: Feburay 2016

The workshop was organized by Bora Bora -Dans og Visuel Teater for dramature students at Aarhus University. The students had an intensive writing workshop in how to write a review of contemporary dance with journalist Anne Middelboe, dance theaterkritik. In prolonging of this AarDance made an creative dance workshop so the students could try dance on there own body and get better understanding of the creation and adding  vocabulary  to dance.

Photo: Lars Kjær Diderksen

5X3 Workshop

Date: November 2015

5X3 workshop for all levels of dancers. The workshop contains body strength and body awareness improvisation training, technical part and we are also going to work with some of the creative tools based on 5X3 performance. During the seminar we will explore your inner fears as well as performing for each other Sunday.

Date: March 2016
Contemporary dance has different orientations and styles and in this 5 hours workshop we will have focus on basic elements of acrobatics integrating with floorwork. We will also work on specific “skills" and combined them with dance combinations and sequences.

Dance Acrobatic Workshop

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